The American Studies Department at Keele is a fantastic network of academic historians, literary critics, students and doctoral researchers. Keele pioneered the development of American Studies in Great Britain as an Honours degree subject and has been consistently successful in national teaching and research assessment exercises. American Studies is a multi-disciplinary programme devoted to analysis of US society and culture from the foundation of the republic to the present day. Historical research embraces Appalachian and Civil War history, Progressive-era social thought and reform, religion and politics, and the Cold War state. In American literature, interests cover fiction and poetry in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. We have particular strengths in Anglo-American modernism, and in post-war and contemporary fiction, from the Beat Generation of the 1950s to writers emerging in the twenty-first century. There are opportunities for research in film and popular culture. In the social sciences there is substantial research into a number of central aspects of North American political science.

Our institutional website is the place to go for information on our american studies courses, at degree level and beyond, and for general information on staff members in the department.

This blog, on the other hand, is where we discuss our research and teaching; a place where we share ideas with each other and the world, respond to contemporary news and events in the discipline of american studies, and share exciting new resources with students and visitors alike.

We hope you enjoy our creative space for research and learning!


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